Alopecia Areata Treatment in Delhi

Hair loss has become a global disease. There are different reasons behind hair fall problem; some of the most common causes are side effects of medication, heredity issue, pollution, and to some extent skin rashes. In some cases hair problems can be related to health immunity, which may lead to severe hair loss problem; Alopecia Areata is one of them.

Who get mostly affected?

Alopecia Areata is a typical hair loss problem that causes baldness patches on scalp. If left untreated, sometimes alopecia may cause complete baldness. Prolong treatment is the only to get rid of alopecia. Research has showed positive results where the patients have tenacity to follow the prescription of doctors about the administration of medicines. This hair fall disease may affect both men and women; however, mostly women get badly affected by this problem. Alopecia Areata may befall at any age range although mostly teenagers and kids get affected in this disease.

The common symptoms of Alopecia

The bald patches caused by Alopecia Areata are of the size of coins seen on the scalp. Initially, one or two small visible patches are found; however, more bald patches may sprout quickly and the density of hair becomes visibly thin. There is no sign of scarring; in the advanced stage the alopecia-victim sometime may feel mild irritation, redness, and scaling of the scalp. There are instances where patient may suffer from mild burning sensation and itchiness in the affected patches.

Common causes of Alopecia

Till date no specific trigger has been discovered causing Alopecia Areata. Mostly it is considered as an autoimmune disease. Research says that alopecia patients, in general, suffer from unwanted accumulation of white blood cells in the hair scalp as well as in hair roots. This causes mild inflammation and makes hair strands weak at their root. Hair fall problem gets initiated due to this anomaly, which ultimately creates bald patches on hair scalp.

The problem of Alopecia Areata is completely curable provided you avail the right and timely treatment procedure. It is always safe to avail treatment from an expert and reputable hair clinics only.

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