Beard and Moustaches Hair Transplant in Delhi

Beard Hair Transplant in Delhi: firsthand information about the new look

Beard Hair Transplant is being considered as one of the most popular cosmetic surgery applications as this is wonderful way to create the designer beard you have always opted for. This is a permanent hair transplant process, which can help you even to mend uneven and patchy beard with the look you have decided about it.

In case you are trying for a makeover process and want to impose a new persona on your outlook beard transplantation can give you an immediate positive effect. You can avail some of the best beard hair transplant in Delhi provided you know the details about this facial hair transplant process.

How the beard transplant process works

In this process a surgeon takes hair from the donor area and plants the hairs in the target area. Hair for moustache and beard are generally of different color than the hairs on the scalp, however, it depends on the hair color available from the donor area for grafting.

According to standard calculation,

  • For creating a goatee beard hair grafts will be required 1200 – 1500 in number,
  • For creating full beard number of hair grafts will be required 2500 – 3000 grafts.

Both FUI and FUT methods are used for this special type of facial hair transplantation. However, it is an extensive process, so you have to have great level of patience if you have decided for having a beard transplant process for you. Besides patience of the patient, the doctor should have expertise, experience, and excellent sense of aesthetics.

If you are Delhi and is planning for a complete makeover is the most elegant and simple way, consider availing quality services for beard hair transplant in Delhi. This is a beautiful way to look many and attractive.

If want to have latest information about beard hair transplant in Delhi, please check the website for further detail.

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