FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

FUE Hair Transplant: a quick overview on the process

Modern hair transplantation is done by using two methods; these are Follicular Unit Transplantation, shortly known as FUT process and Follicular Unit Extraction that is known as FUE method. FUE method includes taking the individual follicular grafts from the rear portion of head. Although it is a bit lengthy process but patients do not feel any discomfort because the procedure is done under local anaesthesia and certain pain and discomfort management protocols are followed.

In case you are interested to avail FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi, you will be at one of the best places provided you have contacted hairtransplantindelhi.co.in. FUE method can procure best result for your hair transplantation method, you can be rest assured, but knowing some more details about FUE surgery will keep you relaxed and worry free.

Advantages of FUE method

There are certain advantages for FUE method. These are narrated here for your quick reference.

  • In this method of hair transplantation, doctor takes only the hair grafts; unlike other method, entire strip is not taken from the scalp. Therefore there is no significant scar in this method.
  • The recovery period is shorter in FUE process; in many instances patients can join work from the next day of the surgery.
  • There is no significant pain and discomfort.

Who should go for FUE process?

Although anybody suffering from hair loss problem may avail FUE method, some specific people are best recipient of this surgical method. If you are suffering from hair loss problem and want to avail surgical hair transplant method, you should go for FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi provided you have:

  • Smaller areas of baldness, (applicable for men and women).
  • Short haircuts.
  • Lead a dynamic and physically active lifestyle.
  • Preferences for no-cut surgery.
  • Preference for faster recovery with good result.

However, deciding on the process of surgery is absolutely a doctor’s call and he should have full liberty for doing this selection for his patients. If you are looking for specialist doctors offering FUE hair transplant in Delhi, you may contact at hairtransplantindelhi.co.in.

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