FUHT - Follicular Unit Hair Transplant in Delhi

FUT Hair Transplant in Delhi: A quick synopsis

FUT Hair transplantation is one of the handiest methods counted now for hair restoration surgical processes. In medical terminology it is called Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) process where the donor material is scrapped in the method of strip in the shape of ellipse.

What is FUT?

The method of FUT Hair Transplant in Delhi has become quite popular because of its effective cosmetic outcome because in this process hair are planted by maintaining natural uniformity. In this method hair grafting is done in extensive turnaround time (in normal cases it takes 5-6 hour time to transplant 6000 grafts) for hair grafting. In this process hardly any wastage is faced and the survival rate of the transplanted hair follicles has observed 90-100%.

How the transplanting process is done?

The FUT Hair Transplant in Delhi is performed in a specific pattern according to International surgical standard. This is:

  • The surgeon places single hair unit on the front of your hairline
  • After that two hair units are planted behind the hairline
  • The surgeon places three hair units behind already planted 2 hair units
  • Then the surgeon plants 4 hair units in arrears of the already planted 3 hair units.

The benefits of FUT method

This symmetrical transplantation will procure a natural look of the hair lines and ensures the perfect hair density without incurring the risk of 'plugginess', which looks unnatural. Unwanted Plugginess occurs when the entire groups of hairs are planted in corn rows or in the manner of tufts, which often looks like the hair seen on a kid's doll.


There is all advantage of FUT hair Restoration method except a minor one. The recipient will face a linear scar on the rear portion of the head from the strips are scrapped at the initial stage of surgery. However, the surgeon mostly selected a donor area in such a position which is hardly visible.

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