Hair Loss in Females

Female Hair Loss: its typical pattern

Hair loss is a universal problem and it affects both male and female, regardless their age and life style. The problem seems same as both of them suffer from thinning of hair, visibility of scalp gets increased gradually, and baldness is the ultimate condition if hair loss is not treated timely and properly.

But surprisingly amidst all these similarities there is a big difference; the pattern of female hair loss is quite unalike than men. Men mostly lose hair in central portion of scalp while females lose hair from the side. Mostly women suffer from hair loss from the crown. Unlike men women mostly observe their hair fall problem from widening of their partings or the ponytails get gradually smaller in size.

Female hair loss issues are divided into two types of hair loss. These two types of patterns are called as anagen effluvium and telogen effluvium, respectively. Anagen effluvium is caused by medication, chemotherapy, and steroid types of medication. The other type of hair loss, telogen effluvium takes place when increased quantity of hair follicles enters to the resting stage and loses natural growth. This kind of female hair loss is seen mostly in aged women and it happens due to emotional stress, physical stress, hormonal causes, medications, etc.


Aging is mostly found as the general reason of female type hair loss. Using good quality hair care products and due consultation with hair specialists can teach you the right treatment process for fighting hair thinning issue.

According to research and study, female hair loss is never a fatal disease; however, it may lead to problem of permanent baldness if the hair loss issue is not treated properly. It is always wise to take care of hair loss at its initial stage. It is also recommended to avail treatment from experts at the Hair Transplant Clinic.

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