Hair Loss Myths and Facts

Hair loss is a universal problem. Ascending rate of pollution and different life style discrepancy like use of hair styling products, over exposure to sunlight or dirt may often create bad impact on health, which initiates hair loss issue.

On the other hand, there are numerous issues that may impact harsh on hair growth and overall hair health. Unless we become aware of the general triggers of hair fall and the ways to combat them, it is merely impossible to find the way to fight hair loss problems. One of the simplest and sure shot ways to control hair loss is to be aware about hair loss myths & facts.

Myth-1: Frequent shampoo cause hair fall

Frequent shampoo cause hair fall because of the chemical ingredients in shampoo. Use of conditioner is not hair friendly process, it ultimately damage hair follicles.

Facts: Mind, gentle and specific hair type shampoo and use of conditioner enhances hair growth and keeps hair healthy and shiny.

Myth-2: Wearing hats/helmets may turn you hair bald

One of the common hair loss myths &facts is to believe that wearing hats/helmets may turn your hair bald.

Fact: It is a wrong idea. Wearing hats of helmets do not cause hair health damage. Rather these are the protective accessories that help hair to be free from unwanted sweating and other issues causing hair fall. Hair follicles receive oxygen via blood and it is not supplied by air.

Myth- 3: Clogged pores may create hair fall problem

It is widely believed that clogged pores are harmful for skin tone and lead to skin blockage. Clogged pores are considered as a trigger for hair loss issue.

Fact: There is no relation between hair falls and clogged pore. Clogged pores may generate acne infection but there is no relation between hair loss problem and clogged pores.

Myth 4: Hair loss is caused by reduced blood flow to scalp

It is commonly believed that hair loss is caused by reduced blood flow to scalp.

Fact: This is not true. Reduced blood flow to hair may hamper hair growth but it cannot be the reason for hair loss.

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