Hair Loss in Different Weather Conditions

Hair care in different climate: Take care of your hair

Hair loss is an upsetting issue and often keeps us stressed. Several conditions are there that may instigate hair fall issue with intensified effect. Having regular and nutritious diet and use of hair friendly hair care products are the common ways for looking after hair and for ages it has brought good result too.

But people exposed to external pollutants, radiation sun exposure, and harsh climate, do they suffer from hair loss? Let’s check here how hair growth and hair beauty is related to Hair Loss in Weather Conditions.

Use of nourishing oil in scalp and use of hair dryness preventive hair care products during winter can ensure extra protection and prevents Hair Loss in Weather Conditions.

Other than these two major seasons fall and monsoon can cause hair loss if you are not following proper diet. Restricted use of hair styling products, and using hair chemical treatments now and then may result in hair loss problem. The best way to prevent Hair Loss in Weather Conditions is to be sincere about hair care and hair nutrition. You will be able to stay far away from hair loss tension.

Two Major Seasons Affecting Hair Loss

Hair Loss in Cold Weather

Hair Loss in Winter

A study by University Hospital of Zurich has revealed the fact that we actually lose minimum quantity of hair during the winter months. As per science, Melatonin regulates hair growth cycles and it spurring more growth during wintry season causing less chance of hair loss. However during wintry season some negative factors may initiate hair loss issue like dry scalp, brittle hair, & patchy hair loss, etc. Central heating may also extra dryness in scalp, which may cause hair loss.

Hair Loss in Summer

Hair Loss in Summer

In summer we suffer from general tendency to lose hair as result of humidity, sweating, and tangling of heir due to extra moisture and oil secretion from hair glands. Proper and gentle brushing, use of mild shampoo, and restricted exposure to sunlight will ensure better level of hair protection which can prevent hair loss problem during summer.

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