Hair Loss in Childrens

Hair Loss in Infants: different causes triggering the issue

Hair loss problem can be intimidating for infants also. However, most of the instances of hair loss issue in infants are triggered by some reasons which should be considered as causes. If your baby is suffering from rapid hair loss problem, you need to consult pediatrician or pediatric dermatologist for deciding the right course of treatment.

Before you ask for an appointment with a child specialist, take a look that hair loss in infants can be triggered by these problems:

Tinea Capitis or ringworm

Tinea capitis is popularly known as ringworm and this is a kind of fungal infection. Kids often get affected by this fungal infection and suffer from acute hair loss. Oral administration of antifungal medicine and use of antifungal shampoo against doctor’s prescription will serve the purpose.

Alopecia Areata

This hair loss disease mostly gets induced due to week immunity problem. Although this is a tough to control disease, application of strong corticosteroid ointments or creams applied on the bald patches may bring good result.

Telogen Effluvium

This type of hair loss in infants is observed as an impact of sudden stress caused by severe fever, effect of general anesthesia, a major injury, or a side effect of some high dose of antibiotics. However, in case of infants, feed with nutritious foods, proper rest, and maintenance of hygienic conditions will help in reducing the hair loss problem with prompt effect.

Nutritional deficiency

In case of infants, nutritional deficiency can be a major trigger for hair loss in infants. Some of the common deficiencies are Vitamin H or biotin, Iron deficiency, and zinc deficiency. With healthy diet and immunity boosting medicine this nutritional deficiency can be reduced. However it is always safe and wise to consult a doctor before using any immunity booster.

Other than these aforementioned triggers other issues like endocrine problems, problem in thyroid hormone, as well as tendency of hair abuse by guardians may cause Hair Loss in Infants.

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