Hair Transplant Repair in Delhi

What are the Hair transplant repair services available?

Sometime hair restoration surgeries may not yield best result. This discrepancy in surgery occurs due to different reasons like poor techniques used in the surgery, improper planning for the surgery, or some unpredictable problems from transplanting patients, etc. Sometime, use of out-dated methods in surgery may demand hair transplant repair.

In case you want to avail the corrective method of hair transplant repair in Delhi, you need to know first the services you can avail in this niche, so that you can contact surgery clinics involved in doing these corrective surgeries. Here we have listed some of the most popular services in hair transplant repair in Delhi.

Camouflage: the hiding technique
Camouflage is the method where tiny follicular units, or usual micro-grafts, are placed directly in front of the larger grafts to buckskin them, or increase their arrival by making the hairline softer and more natural.

Graft Removal: removing and re-distributing
Graft removal is needed for eradicating and re-distributing the irregular grafts for making the successive camouflage more real.

Combined Repair: balancing hair growth
It takes substantial skill and artistic judgment to keep the right balance among graft removal and camouflage, but getting it precisely right will make the modification between a usual and an excellent hair transplanting repair. This method of using graft removal with camouflage is termed combined repair.

Fixing scars: camouflage a widened donor scar
The most recent development in hair transplant repair in Delhi is the use of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to cover-up an extended donor scar. In this method, hair is take out from around the part of the lined scar and then placed right into the target area.

Apart from these hair transplant repair services, you will get to enjoy other support processes like laser hair removal, Laser Resurfacing, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), and Depleted Supply in the list of services related to hair transplant repair in Delhi.

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