Post Operative Hair Transplant Care and Instructions

Hair transplantation surgery is done with best care by expert surgeons by using latest tools and latest method. However surgery is a mechanical process, and after the process is complete, concerned patients have to take care of them as well as of the scalp so that there is the least chance of infection out of the scar.

Post-Operative Hair Treatment Instructions is no gimmick because this precautionary process helps in quick recovery, prevents scalp from all types of infections, and promotes a natural support system for nurturing new growth of hair. It is obvious that these instructions are to be followed religiously.

Cleanliness is a must requisite

Cleanliness is the buzz word of post-operative hair treatment instructions. You have to keep the post operation scalp area dust and germs free. Scalp should be cleaned by mild shampoo as soon as possible in order to get rid of unwanted coatings already formed at the time of surgery.

Sprinkling saline water

There is usually a long gap between the surgery and the first shampoo wash. You need to keep your scalp irritation free. You can spray saline water here; this will keep the area soft, germ free, and will reduce the tendency to itch. According to post-operative hair treatment instructions, selection of shampoo should be done with due consultation with surgeon along with hair cleaning method.

Take care of rest posture

At least first 2-3 days you will be getting the support of pain killer and sedatives, which may help you to a large extent to sleep at night. This is specially required because first 2-3 days you will not be allowed to sleep at normal position in order to avoid the risk of inflammation. You will have to take rest with your head raised on pillows to 45°, sleeping pills will help to relax with better turnaround time.

Topical use of antiseptic cream

Sometime doctor may prescribe the use of antiseptic cream in the donor area and recipient area.It will be extremely supportive for quick recovery. By following these post-operative hair treatment instructions, you can enjoy uneventful and quick recovery.

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