is your hairloss killing your confidence

Is your hair loss killing your confidence?

Hair loss can occur at any age group in both male and females. Hair loss is considered as the most sensitive image issue for young and adults. Earlier the general thinking was that baldness occurs after a certain age like after mid-forties but now days it is also seen in comparatively younger age group like in twenties. If any medical cause is identified and treatment is taken then the medication helps otherwise the medicines are only the temporary treatment option as, they may slow down the hair loss rate or partially restore the hairs till they are used.

Severe hair loss can lead to the baldness and this can be frustrating and traumatic for the person especially for women. There are numerous causes and factor which may lead to hair loss like hereditary, infections, auto-immune disorders, hormonal imbalance, physical and emotional stress, nutritional deficiency etc. Tight hair styling, use of hot styling equipment’s may cause hair fall/ hair loss. It is better to consult to the doctor about your hair loss and opt for the treatment accordingly.

Looks always been the most important thing in everyone life. Most of the people think that the moment they start experiencing hair loss, it’s the end of their youth, awesomeness and looks. This may lead one to the certain level of depression as well.

Hair fall may affect your self-confidence due to certain reasons:

  • Unsatisfied with your own looks and image
  • Can’t style yourself with the way you want to
  • Negative impact on your social life
  • Embarrassment and loss of confidence

Things you can do



Camouflaging is a short term temporary measure which one can opt for while attending meetings and parties. These involve using hair fibers and other similar camouflaging products to hide hair loss and create the false appearance of dense hairs. The problem with them is after shampooing or after coming in contact with water it may get washed away.


Minoxidil and Finasteride are the common medications used to treat hair loss. One thing to remember is that you need to take these medicines on regular basis so as to control the hair loss because the time you stop the intake, the hair loss will start again and your scalp may come back to the original stage.

The permanent option, Hair transplant

Hair transplant is the permanent solution for the hair loss and getting the desired results. With hair transplant surgery, you invest once and get the long lasting results. Hair transplant gives you natural looking result depending upon few considerations.

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